Prime Minister Skerrit Leads All Cabinet Members to the Chinese Embassy in Support of China's Epidemic Control Efforts

On February 26, Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica and Mrs. Skerrit headed all Cabinet members to the Chinese Embassy in Dominica, asking Mr. Luo Songtao, Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy to convey again the support of the Dominican government and people to the Chinese government and people in the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

Prime Minister Skerrit said, under the strong leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping, China has achieved positive results in disease control with forceful measures. Dominica values its friendship with China. He himself also wrote letters of support to President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, issued statements supporting China in Parliament and declared the donation of 10,000 facial masks. He said China is a reliable friend of Dominica, who has consistently supported Dominica's economic and social development. In return, Dominica will stand in solidarity with China during the trying times. Therefore, he headed all Cabinet members to the Chinese Embassy to express full support to the Chinese government and people.

Mr. Luo Songtao thanked Dominica for supporting China's epidemic control efforts, saying this is the first time all Cabinet members of Dominica have come to the new Embassy, and also the second time Prime Minister Skerrit has come to the Embassy to express his support, fully demonstrating that Dominica is true friend of China. Though a small country, Dominica set up a good example by sparing no effort in supporting China's combat against the epidemic. The Chinese government and people will always keep in mind this friendship of the Dominican government and people. Mr. Luo briefed the Cabinet members on the latest epidemic situation in China, stressing that as the situation keeps getting better, China has the confidence and capabilities to win a full victory against the epidemic and fulfill the targets and tasks set for this year's economic and social development.

Senior Minister Austrie, Foreign Minister Darroux, Minister of Education Alfred, Minister of Trade Douglas, Minister of Youth Development King, among other Ministers who are present, also spoke highly of China's epidemic prevention and control measures and expressed thanks to China for taking care of Dominican students in China.

Long distance will separate no true friends. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Dominica, a far away island country in the Caribbean, with a population of only 70,000, expressed full support to China in the fight against the disease. During the opening session of the new Parliament of Dominica on February 10, Dominican President Savarin and Prime Minister Skerrit issued statements in support of China, highly commending Chinese leaders for their strong leadership displayed in the epidemic control efforts. Prime Minister Skerrit also called for countries across the world not to isolate China but to work together with China instead. On February 16, Prime Minister Skerrit paid a visit to the Chinese Embassy to express his support. Adversity reveals true friendship. These friendly gestures by Dominica fully demonstrate that over the past 16 years of diplomatic relations, China-Dominica relations have grown stronger, the friendship between the two peoples deeper, and the community with a shared future between the two countries increasingly closer.

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