Reception Held in Celebration of 15th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between China and Dominica

On March 19th 2019, the Chinese Embassy in Dominica hosted a reception to celebrate the 15th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and the Commonwealth of Dominica. H.E. Charles Savarin, President of Dominica and Mrs Savarin, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica and Mrs Skerrit, Hon. Alix Boyd-Knights, Speaker of the House of Assembly, all Ministers in the island, some members of Parliament, representatives from Chinese community in Dominica attended the reception.

H.E. Lu Kun, Chinese Ambassador to Dominica and Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica delivered a speech respectively.

Ambassador Lu recalled the brilliant achievements have been made since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Dominica 15 years ago. He expressed deep appreciation to Prime Minister Skerrit, who was the founder of China-Dominica relationship and other friends who have made contributions to the development of bilateral relations.

Lu said the past 15 years has seen frequent high-level exchange of visits with deepened mutual political trust, expanded cooperation with fruitful results, increased people-to-people exchanges and close collaboration in international arena. Dominica has become a good friend, good partner and good brother of China.

Lu said the Chinese people will firmly stand together with the Dominican people to overcome the difficulties in the social and economic development of Dominica and to build the world's first climate-resilient nation. He believed that the governments and peoples of China and Dominica will surely build on what has been achieved and join hands to create a better future for China-Dominica relations, which will also contribute to the  building of  a community with a shared future for mankind advocated by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Prime Minister Skerrit spoke highly of the development of China-Dominican relations and praised China as a true friend of Dominica. He said that China always helps Dominica in difficult times and can actively fulfill every promise.

He pointed out that over the past 15 years, the development of China-Dominica relations has benefited Dominica in many fields, such as infrastructure, agriculture, education and medical service, bringing tangible benefits for the economic and social development of Dominica.

Skerrit said that China has consistently supported Dominica on the international issues such as climate change and  Dominica will also continue to support China in relevant international affairs such as UN reform. He emphasized that the Dominican Government will firmly adhere to the One-China policy and support the peaceful reunification of China.

At the reception, exquisite pictures that displayed the development history and remarkable achievements of China-Dominica relations over the past 15 years were shown and unanimously praised by the guests.

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