Ambassador Lu Kun Accompanies Prime Minister Skerrit on the Inspection of the China-aided West Coast Road Rehabilitation Project

On September 9, 2019, H.E. Lu Kun, Chinese Ambassador to Dominica accompanied Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, on the inspection of the bridges and culverts of the China-aided West Coast Road Post-Erica Rehabilitation Project. Also present were all the Cabinet ministers, including Hon. Reginald Austrie, Vice Prime Minister, Hon. Francine Baron, Minister for Foreign and CARICOM Affairs and Hon. John Mclntyre, Minister for the Public Works, Water Resource Management and Port.

Prime Minister Skerrit and Ambassador Lu listened to the work report by Head of Qingdao Construction Group, who especially introduced the measures they had taken to assure quality of the project.

Prime Minister Skerrit said that the West Coast Road is very important for Dominican economic and social development. He thanked the Chinese government and the Chinese embassy for their great support on this project. He also thanked the Qingdao Construction Group, who returned Dominica and resumed work in time after the Hurricane Maria. Skerrit said the technology and equipments were advanced and worthy of trust. He stressed that China was a true friend Dominica could really rely on and China always stood with Dominica during the hard time. He reaffirmed that Dominica would always adhere to the One-China Policy and continue to support China in the international affairs.

Ambassador Lu expressed deep appreciation to Prime Minister Skerrit and all Ministers who attended the Inspection and highly valued the China-aided projects. Lu said that the Qingdao Construction Group was experienced in the foreign aid projects and infrastructure technology, and the quality of the three bridges involved in this project was excellent and fully met the Dominican needs of tackling climate change. He mentioned that this project would be completed and handed over in June next year according to the plan, which would add indispensable part to the China-Dominica relations. Lu also expects that the friendship between the two countries will continue to deepen.

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