The First Phase of the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital was handed over and opened

On September 9, the Handover and Opening Ceremony of the First Phase of the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital aided by China was held in Roseau, Dominica. H.E. Charles Savarin, President of Dominica and Mrs Savarin, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica and Mrs Skerrit, Hon. Alix Boyd-Knights, Speaker of the House of Assembly, all Cabinet Ministers, H.E. Lu Kun, Chinese Ambassador to Dominica, H.E. Fernandez, Cuban Ambassador and Mrs Fernandez, H.E. Moros,  Venezuelan Ambassador and other 800 Dominicans and Chinese attended.

The Ceremony was chaired by H.E. Steve Ferrol, Secretary to the Dominican Cabinet. H.E. Ambassador Lu Kun and Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit delivered a speech respectively.

Ambassador Lu said that the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital was a new milestone of China-Dominica relations. He expressed deep appreciation to President Savarin, Prime Minister Skerrit, Madam Speaker and other distinguished guests who attended the Ceremony and highly valued the China-aided project and China-Dominica relations. Lu said that the software and hardware facilities of the Hospital was the first class in the world, including the MRI scanner, X-ray machine and HIFU donated by China. In order to further guarantee the security of all doctors, nurses and patients, the Chinese Government has agreed to add cement roofs and anti-hurricane doors and windows for the Hospital. On this occasion, Lu expressed his gratitude to the great support from the Bureau of International Economic Cooperation of the Chinese Ministry of  Commerce.

Lu mentioned that the contractor of the Hospital, Hunan Construction Engineering Group Corportation suffered heavy losses during Hurricane Maria in 2017, but they returned in time and started the recovery and reconstruction process with great responsibility to ensure the success handover of the first phase of the Hospital, which achieved remarkable results.

Lu emphasized that this year marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and the Commonwealth of Dominica. He expressed deep appreciation to Prime Minister Skerrit for his decision to establish diplomatic relations with China and firm adherence to the One-China Principle. He also thanks the Dominican Government for its support to China in the international affairs. Lu said China will continue to help Dominica build the world's first climate-resilient nation. He is confident  that China-Dominica relations will be further developed in the next 15 years. 
Prime Minister Skerrit expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese Government and Chinese Embassy in Dominica for their great support and to Chinese people for their deep friendship. He also thanked the Chinese construction company for its hard work. He said that after the Hospital was completely finished, Dominica will have one of the best hospitals in the Caribbean region, which will greatly benefit local people and grandchildren with top-touch hospital hardwares and medical services. 

Skerrit emphasized that China is a true friend of Dominica and always stands together with Dominica during hard time. He reaffirmed that Dominica will cherish its relations with China and adhere to the One-China policy and support China in international affairs.

On behalf of the Chinese Government, Ambassador Lu presented the symbolic handover of key to Prime Minister Skerrit.

During the Ceremony, the Chinese side and Dominican side performed the folk song and dance respectively. The two sides also sang together  the famous song Long Live Friendship, which aroused warm applause from the audience.

Finally, Prime Minister Skerrit and Mrs Skerrit cut the ribbon for the new Hospital.

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