Ambassador LU Kun's Speech at the Signing Ceremony of the Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation

I am delighted to attend today's momentous ceremony to sign the Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation between the Two Government. The Chinese Government will provide the Dominica Government with a grant aid in the mount of 300 million RMB (that is about 120 million ECD) through signing of this Agreement. It's not only a reflection of valuable China-Dominica friendship, but also a symbol of China's quick and strong support to the recovery and rebuilding efforts of Dominica after the ravages of Hurricane Maria.

Last Year, this beautiful island suffered the most devastating and catastrophic hurricane in history, by which public infrastructure was severely impacted and many citizens were displaced. Chinese government and people feel strong empathy for what Dominicans have experienced, and support Dominica's post-hurricane reconstruction in a comprehensive manner. This year, we handed over the York Valley Bridge three months ago which passed the test of Hurricane Maria with no damage. We finished the Roof Restoration Project with the United Nations Development Program. The Chinese agricultural and medical experts are on the island helping local people, and the Chinese hospital ship Ark Peace visited Dominic to provide free medical care for more than 5 thousand local persons. The West Coast Road Rehabilitation Project has resumed two months ago. Meanwhile, today, I should tell everybody that the New National Hospital Project has already been resumed last day. The Chinese government has formally sent the group of reservation to the hospital yesterday.

We are happy to see Dominica has made remarkable progress in recovery and rebuilding process under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Skerrit and his government. We greatly appreciate Dominican people's intelligence, optimism and courage shown in this process.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we sign a new aid agreement to provide more support to our Dominican friends, which will open a new page for China-Dominica friendship and cooperation. This agreement demonstrates China's firm support to the social and economical development of Dominica, to the post-hurricane reconstruction of Dominica, as well as to Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Skerrit's vision of "build back better" and "build the first climate resilient country in the world". We are looking forward to receiving the project proposal from Dominican government.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we regard Dominica as our close and important friend in Latin America and Caribbean region. I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate China's lasting commitment to promote China-Dominica friendship. Under the leadership of Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Skerrit, Dominica has achieved a lot in the past year. I believe, with the assistance of international community and the effort of every Dominican people, you will achieve your goal and build a climate resilient country. 
Please accept my best wishes to all of you! Thank you.

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